Christ's life is your life


Forget about the harmonious development of the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of the person. With one’s spiritual person formed in the law one has no more chance of becoming a well-rounded person or a son of God than a stone has of becoming a human being.

This is why Paul condemns ‘words on stone’ as a source of life. This scripture is not about Moses and religious principles written on hearts. Gal 2.20, 21 ensures that this meaning is Jesus in you expressed as you. This is our post cross life and it is what it meant by Jesus instruction:
Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.


An active mind, an understanding heart, the ability to love oneself and others – the status of being a son rather than a slave and a worker is ours when Jesus is our life. Never when the law or an ideology is what is expressed as the self.

Formed in the law the best we can do is to be a gracious practitioner of religion but dulled in the letter and undernourished with the spirit and life of Jesus. We might do a passing job as an earnest practitioner of a Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil. Like being a good man dulled in his perception of life and crippled in his ability to live with imagination and daring. Or we might just be a mean person, full of self-condemnation, judgment of others and a control freak who attempts to instill righteousness by manipulation and abuse. And this because we are practitioners of an ideology rather than being a person whose life is Christ.

We may have been Jesus People, had we not been lied to and brainwashed by wall to wall religion and the systematic thought control purveyed by scholars of a convoluted, false gospel surfacing in The Lesson Quarterly. It’s amazing that dippy ideas, an alternative gospel and Sabbath-keeping ever got to become a religion. But they did. Because the mystery of iniquity is mysterious, creative, ingenious and malevolent. We need to see this culture as what it is: The effect of adopting as truth the doctrines of demons.


It is for this reason that this un-gospel, this delusion passing itself off as a revelation from Christ has to be propped up by keeping out the truth. So unsustainable is this super-structure of lies and so lacking in credibility and wholesome theology that it takes a bevy of acolytes to protect it. As a result perceptive Truth-Tellers with penetrating minds and spiritual discernment are excluded from key positions in administration while the dim, the thoughtless, the intellectually challenged and mediocre are harvested and put in position to hold up these walls of illusion and humbug.

As a result much of the institution management is poor and misguided. It’s not easy to tell if some of these personnel are bad managers or just plain stupid. Stupidity is making headway in society and government for the same reason that it flourishes like mold in parts of the church.

Jesus did not leave us religion to make out until He returns. He has placed Himself in us. Incarnated with the trinity we are more than a match for the stupidity of religion or the institutionalized semi-death that is ours when anything other than Jesus is our life.