Christ's life is your life


There is much to be said for sincerity. There is even more to be said for ‘grace and truth.’ Grace is released to facilitate the way to truth. Not to excuse a malingering in cunningly devised fables. Believers can find themselves imprisoned in fables – even though Jesus came to set such captives free. This might indicate that their christ is not a Christ who delivers - on account of the fact that he is not the Christ of God. We are talking false christs and false gospels.

Such stalemate could be the result of deceit and a misplaced version of truth. We are talking trust in people who have lied to them.

Some of the saints, crippled teachers who attempt to shepherd the lame, do their best to fashion something life-giving out of the beliefs handed on to them. They spend their entire lives in a valiant effort to repair the edges of doctrines but face an uphill battle because their ‘gospel’ has a rotten core.

These ‘heroes’ with lead in their saddles can adopt ingenious rationalisation and feeble fictions in a bid to sustain the un-sustainable. They come to the end of their race, mostly without realising that they have given their lives in support of what is really a delusion. Why? Some relied on people who have lied to them. Others were confused by the mystery of iniquity. Others preferred the security of an identity in a culture of falsehood rather than a marriage to their one husband who is Christ.

The reasoning behind this non-gospel is devious and convoluted. How could people of intelligence and education have fallen for something as perverse as Adventism we may ask? Adventism is the only denomination that can lay claim to having begun with a mistake. It must serve as an example what can happen when good people receive darkness for light and insist on having their way in spite of instruction as forthright as, ‘I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!’ Gal 2.21.