Christ's life is your life


Either Christ’s accomplishments on the cross were enough or they aren’t. Of course they are. The belief that they are distinguishes between Jesus’ Gospel and that of Paul and John and other gospels – the make believe theologies that originate in false prophets actuated by the spirit of anti-christ.


The Bible is clear on this. Firstly Christ is our life as affirmed by Paul and John who cites Jesus urging for all to realise that in Him we have been joined to God now and forever. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. Not only is God’s life our life but His life – His righteousness is funnelled into us by the Spirit. Clearly many who claim to represent truth have not yet realised this - 0r if they have are keeping quiet about it in order to maintain their edifice and ‘system.’

The key truth of this age, which is an expression of the hegemony of the incarnation and our life in the Spirit is John’s declaration that Christ has come in our flesh. That is Christ is in us. That we are graced by His indwelling and transformed by His life manifesting as us. We are warned that to posit the flesh come in the flesh which is the law, regulation and performance orientation come in the flesh originates in the spirit of anti-christ. The religious spirit knows that this is the end of religion and the end of the realm of the regime of sin and death. So its ploy is to undermined and hollow out the power of Christ our life by substituting Jesus with ‘us our life.’


Good theology is expressed in the fact of the vicarious humanity of Jesus: His life for all in every possible way. The convoluted nature of a theology that parades itself as truth and revelation by ignoring this mediation can easily be seen by all who are willing to read the Bible through the Jesus Lens without recourse to the twisted compilation of proof texts that began with William Miller and were endorsed by Ellen White and the pioneers. This concoction denies bible truth while at the same time claiming to be bible truth. But the web of deceit can easily be undone with reference to excellent articles and books by former Adventists who have walk in the light of the gospel of the Kingdom. Read
some theology from the writings of enlightened theologians of the Christian Church and you will soon find where the spirit of Babylon really is. You are already included in the family of God. Separationist theologies are a lie.