Christ's life is your life


You have nothing to fear from the truth, especially if you have believed a lie.
I was once an Adventist. I don’t mind that this was so. Although the words ‘ When I became an Adventist are telling’ because the words ‘when I became a Christian’ are seldom used by Adventists. It is significant because Adventism is barely a Christian denomination.

Ex-Adventists are not special because they have extricated themselves from a semi-cult. They like other are special because they are sons and daughters of God and Jesus is personally their life.

Most Adventists, other than those who are enlightened, believe they ‘have the truth.’ I did. We were not overtly bigoted but subtly so - possessing a smug notion that we had the truth. But Adventism is neither truthful or the result of revelation from God. It is however a kind of revelation – a false narrative based in specious and tendentious interpretations of scripture. The kind of interpretation that denies that Christ has come by the Spirit to live in us and ‘be us.’

Paul’s declaration that if we retain ourselves in the law, then Christ died for nothing indicates the source of Adventism’s beliefs: The spirit of Anti-christ. It’s significant that a denomination that arose from ‘visions’ has an acute fear of things of the Spirit, spiritual gifts and current apostolic revelation. Could it be that is it innately ant-truth because it is fundamentally opposed to the teaching of Jesus and the apostles. There are apostolic figures in parts of the Christian church. But none that I know of in any part of Adventism.

Jesus apostleship came from His union with God. So does human apostleship. The notion that revelation, spirit and life can flow from old covenant separation from God and containment in the law must be seen as the impossibility that it is.

Jesus asserted that the
Spirit is everything of the Kingdom and that the flesh is nothing. Adventism believes the flesh has come in the flesh because it is a culture and denomination that is entirely sourced in Moses and the law – which is to say in the flesh.

‘Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist’ 2 John 1.7 NIV.

Adventists are not wicked people. Many of them have the character of Jesus to some extent. But not to the degree that Jesus is available to them in the Spirit of Sonship and as a direct manifestation of Jesus. Adventism’s Jesus is smothered in the law and insulated from the Believer by the law so that the inmates of this system are effectively imprisoned in Adamic separation and the old covenant. An ex-Adventist has written,

I grew up in Seventh-day Adventism. We were taught that Adam and Eve “began to die”, making God’s statement that they would die the day they ate the fruit less than accurate. Because Adventists don’t believe that we have a human spirit that can be separated from the body, they can’t understand either spiritual death or spiritual life. They don’t grasp the truth that we can be born again and made spiritually alive. Instead, to Adventists like I was, human death is purely physical, and spiritual death is more of a mental attitude and bad genetics that cause us to have “propensities to sin.””

This is an accurate description of a belief system constructed in ‘the letter that kills’. Adventism is not a spiritual religion. It is devoid of spirit and life. It lives entirely from externalities and seeks spiritual rest in the false Messiah of the Sabbath – an observance that has no power to bring peace, rest or any genuine kind of transformation. Christ is our life. He is our vicarious humanity and our door to belonging in God.