Christ's life is your life


Don't prolong the fall in the name of Your Message.

It takes a kind of genius to take the gains of the cross and turn them on their head. This is the kind of cleverness that is the mystery of iniquity: Death clothed as life in the garb of pseudo holiness.


By insisting on any commandment as a sign of belonging we are re-inventing the law and drawing it into the new testament age where it has no place. We have negated the new covenant and reinstated the old. As a young friend pointed out, ‘He feels sorry for those whose adherence to the law, smothers their relationship with Jesus, insulating them from His direct presence and denying them union with God that is their inheritance.

We are married to the law if we are wed to any one commandment of the law. Which is to say we are divorced from the new covenant and made to remain pickled in the old.

Adherence to the law has the appearance of godliness. But we should keep in mind that when Jesus spoke of the law He used the term ‘
your law.’ The human race was destined to tread the path of lawlessness or the path of Moses laws before it could see the need for life in the Spirit of Christ. We must do this personally before we see the need to to begin life in the Spirit by means of Christ as our life. Either way the Plan has been to route us out of the culture of the knowledge of good and evil by way of the cross into the tree of life who is the person of Jesus – the living vine who joins us to our roots in the trinity.


An obsession with the law gives us a lop-sided view of holiness, making it difficult for us to see that real holiness has to do with life – not separation from life – which means that the real holiness of God and our ourselves is mostly to do with being a whole person. A whole-person approach can never be sourced in rules and procedures because ‘the whole is always more than the sum of the parts.’ An obsession with parts makes no one whole but a passion for Jesus as our life does. With Jesus as our life we become a new creation which means the shaping of ourselves into our original design and the propelling of ourselves into our God appointed destiny.


In any case holiness and wholeness are a function of the trinity and our relational God. There is no abstraction external to God to which God must refer, no objective entity outside God to which God is accountable. Which means that God is who God is. God is complete as three in one which is the meaning of I AM. When we live, move and HAVE OUR BEING IN GOD, which we can do now in completeness since Jesus is our DOOR to fellowship with the trinity, we are as I AM as sons and daughters. We have been set free to live in Jesus to be ourselves in spirit and in truth. We are holy as God is holy because in Jesus we have been drawn into the life of God.

Baxster Kruger writes, “
When you start with legal holiness, you have eyes only for the cross, and you never see that in Jesus Christ, nothing less than the eternal Trinitarian life of Father, Son and Spirit is being lived out inside human existence. You never really get the staggering meaning of the incarnation.” (1)

This life was lived out in Jesus. Today it is lived out in you. When you believe.

(1) C. Baxter Kruger, The Great Dance: The Christian Vision Revisited