Christ's life is your life


If Ellen White really did have the mind of Christ, she would know that since the cross, the Enemy has laboured to make the law the gospel.

Ellen White wrote, ‘The enemy has ever laboured to disconnect the law and the gospel. They go hand and hand’. If Ellen White really did have the mind of Christ, she would know that since the cross, the Enemy has laboured to make the law the gospel. History reveals that in the case of some communities the Enemy has succeeded in embedding this lie. In most cases the spirt of anti-christ has succeeded in reducing the potency of the incarnate Christ as our life to the passivity of religion – which is an amorphous kind of law and a Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil. No matter what form the letter takes it always engenders death.


The Kingdom of God is not a religion as more astute Believers are aware. Years ago I noted that the Reverend Gordon Moyes asserted that ‘Christianity is not a religion. It is a person.’ So to live in the fullness of Jesus there may be more for us than merely relinquishing Adventism. There may be our relinquishing religion to live entirely out of Jesus. You as the manifestation of Jesus and the trinity is the more radical view and the view of Jesus, Irenaeus, Paul and John. When Jesus named Himself the way the truth and the life He was not presenting a religion. He was presenting Himself as us – Himself as the vicarious human being who is in all ways our relationship with God and our life as human persons.

Theology is fine. It’s good do live from accurate theology. There’s freedom and potency in right believing and degrees of death in any distortion of the gospel of the Kingdom. Make sure your gospel is Christ’s gospel, that your Christ is the Christ of our Father and that your way is His new and Living Way and not some revisionist withdrawal into the ‘this body of death.’


A friend of mine hears from God. Jesus informed him that Adventists lived from an inverted theology. Another of my friends was shown a picture of Adventists gathered under an upside down cross. Very apt. Adventism is a non-gospel; a horrible distortion that has Jesus leading to the law when in fact Jesus delivers us from the law. Sets us free from the law so that He can be our life by the Spirit. Jesus is both our life personally and the life of the world as the multiplication of Himself, our Father and the Spirit in all Believers. This is the logos manifest as you. This is how the new creation appears. The engine is the resurrected Jesus in us all making a new creation.


Having been raised as an Adventist and an elder for many years I know that there are many gracious people in this community. One does not take the name of Jesus without receiving some of Him. There are also many wooden folks whose spirit is stilted and their soul crippled. It takes Christ as us for us to be spirit and life. A life in the law shrivels the heart, stunts the mind and promotes dullness and calcification as a culture. There is no substitute for the spirit and life that is Jesus in us. Should the tenets of our gospel be askew and should we have come to maintain that which is actually a lie, we cannot expect to be imaginative visionaries who are open to truth and who celebrate brilliant thinkers and clever ideas. Rather we will decay into a culture of the dim. John said of Jesus, ‘In Him is life and that life is the light of men and women.’

Should we have adopted our own christ along with our own gospel we can expect to call darkness light and light darkness. People reject Adventism for the same reason that the medical profession heal sick people. Fullness of life and the freedom that goes with it has merit of its own. If this were not so Jesus would not have come to set the captives free, nor would He inspire His disciples to continue His work in this season. Adventism is ‘another gospel’ that makes people less than they were and much less than they are as son and daughters of God. As an Adventist you can be a good ‘worker.’ As Believer with no additions or subtractions you can be a son of God.

The difference between the Adventist Jesus and the Christ of God.