Christ's life is your life


If you are alive in the law you are most certainly dead in your spirit and crippled in your soul. This is because the law is an abstraction and your inheritance is Christ is a person and your life, which translates as Christ as you. This is Christ as you in belongness to your Father and Christ as you in receiving His life as yours: The incarnation.
It’s possible that with your onbringing you did not learn that you have a spirit and a soul – the result of which is a religion of the head and of the letter that kills.
There is not only life in Jesus’ name. There is life for you in His person because He has come in you, Jesus is God come in your flesh and the trinity has entered your body and accompanies you in fellowship because God loves being with His daughters and sons.
Humans have always been the sons of God – notionally. We are potentially the sons of God when we agree that we have been received into His life. But sons in actuality when we believe we are. When we believe His gospel of the Kingdom and the teaching of the apostles instead of aberrant distortions sourced in false prophets.