1. The Son has always been God in his fullness.
  2. The fall was not about the law. It was about the question who shall we live in - God or self?
  3. The exact transcript of the Father is Jesus.
  4. The Kingdom of God is not about the vindication of the law. It is about the restoration of the sons and daughters of God.
  5. Righteousness cannot be defined through law. It is expressed as Christ our life.
  6. God is not on trial. Satan has been judged.
  7. God and not the abstraction of law is sovereign in the universe.
  8. Personhood and sonship flows from the person of God - not from laws and abstractions of the letter.
  9. Christ not the law is your life. In Christ all are made alive.

  1. Photo credit: Jason A. Samfield / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA