We began our web ministry in 1998. I was a novice then and did not even know how to do emails. I knew I had to write and this was confirmed one night by a friend who gave me a word from God at Crossway Baptist Church. Another friend had a vision in which she saw my writing going around the world via the internet.

Having written that I must state that I have not attempted to set myself up as a personal ministry. In so far as we minister we hope to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Personally I think
person’s name ministries have the capacity to draw too much attention to oneself. We release the life and power of God into the community when our vocation is to reveal the glory of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is not just the head of Christianity. He is the life of the world. Christ in you and multiplied in believers is the Kingdom of God in the world.

We chose Isaiah 61.1-3 as our theme because it was clear to us that many of God’s people were trapped in religion rather than hidden and deep rooted in Jesus. Isaiah Ministries aims to set captives free, establish believers in Christ’s life of the Spirit and empower all to be sons and daughters of God to minister in the authority and power in which Jesus ministered.

We aim to see people live in Jesus and be filled with His life to such an extent that marriages flourish, families are joyful places, towns and cities come to see that Jesus is real and nations acknowledge and begin to live in the authority of Christ the King.

Keith Allen

Photo credit: Shajal1 (updating my contact ) / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA